The Ultimate Bachlorette Party Guide

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Shit just got real, your bestie is getting married and she asked you to be her maid of honor. Now it’s time to plan her last “single soirée” with the girls. Don’t panic if you follow these simple steps you will be the bachelorette party hero!

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Step 1
Start out by talking to the bride to see what her expectations are and comfort levels. Does she want to have crazy fun i.e strippers, scavenger hunts, crazy dares or does she want something mellow like dinner, a nice show or a spa day. Whatever it is make sure you know this is something she wants to do or you can be asking for a disaster.

Step 2
Check in with the bridal party to see what everyone is comfortable spending to determine where you ladies will be traveling. If you plan between 3-6 months in advance you should be able to score some major deals so everyone can join the festivities.

Step 3
Finalize a date and make sure everyone is on board (no flaky flakes over here).

Step 4
Now the fun part, where do you guys want to go? Vegas, New Orleans, Miami, Mexico? These are the top locations for bachelorette parties to make your trip worth wild.

Step 5
Book your flight, hotel and transportation, make sure you shop around to get the most bang for your buck. I usually use Southwest for flights, or HomeAway for lodging and uber/ taxi for transportation. If you want to get fancy with your transportation i.e limo or party bus make sure you plan accordingly

Step 6
Sit down and brainstorm creative ideas for games and activities for the trip. Start looking for décor & fun accessories which you can buy from us at

Step 7
Have some fun and send out a fun email or invite to get the girls excited and ready about a month before the trip.

Step 8
Confirm all of your reservations and create a itinerary for all of the guest.

Step 9
Shop for your final outfits and start packing your essentials. Get plenty of sleep and be ready for a crazy party!

Step 10
Arrive and get LIT because this is the weekend you’ve been planning your ass off for!


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